Welcome, young traveller! Come and explore the New World of Varamexia!

The year was 2030, and Sorcery had taken a hold of Earth. The Human race was forced to find a new planet to call home.
After years of searching the galaxy, they came across a large red planet which was later named Varamexia.
Only a few survived impact, and all they had with them were basic tools and supplies.

Are you a Survivor?

Do you think you have what it takes to live like they did in Medieval times?

Sign up and start your life as a Varamexian!

Good Luck!
Loot Crate
Hits the Sweetspot Great game! Tons of fun! Inviting yet dangerous You will never run out of content. What is love? Vara frequent updates totally rocks Vara hit the spot! Boss fights are awesome! most friendly community Varamexia - Your home when you are... at home Active management and such a friendly community